Journey to NSX-T, “VCP-NV” and beyond… (NSX-T Installation Series)

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As a VMware NSX evangelist, I made a commitment to write a blog series to encourage individuals get started with NSX-T i.e. do my part, to bridge some of the technical gap in the market. Juggling with the PSO travel, work, holidays and weekends with family time, I finally managed to complete the first two phases in scope of the blog series i.e. Setup and building the Logical Network Topology.

Last week, I received another vExpert Badge for the year 2020 – I am honoured and feel gratified to be recognized as a significant contributor to the vCommunity. I am also thankful to my family and specially my other half  for the encouragement and support, as most of my blogs are the result of sleep sacrifices, holidays and giving up on following Formula One.

  • This is a “quick jump” blog for the NSX-T aspirants, to keep as bookmark/reference point, to help your “VCP-NV” journey and beyond…
  • This blog series, is not only a step-by-step guide with every screenshot to get you started, but also to provide some context behind the step itself i.e. explaining the meaning, key points, limitations, scalability, etc.
  • Therefore, you DO NOT need to refer any documentation anywhere, other than the steps summarized below and the links embedded within to get started. However, it is assumed that you are familiar with VMware vSphere and have basic understanding of networking concepts.

Lab Setup and High Level Design

Phase 1: Setup

Phase 2: Build Logical Network Topology


  1. Man… You rock. I am very versed in NSX-V, but I am new to NSX-T. My main objective during transitioning was to get an order of operations for implementation. You have that here in this blog. I really appreciate the time you have/are taking to assist your peers in this new journey. I am an NSX consultant and this has greatly accelerated my understanding of how to transition from V to T.
    “Knowledge increases by sharing it…” (I am a firm believer in that)
    Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, I am glad to hear that this blog series is helping aspirants like you to begin the journey with NSX-T.
      “Knowledge increases by sharing it” is a powerful statement, and is what I use quite often to encourage and motivate many 🙂

  2. Thank you for your powerful content and very useful knowledge, I will waiting for next series of your experience

  3. Thank you for this series!
    I’ve replicated this on my lab running NSX-T 3.0 on vSphere 7.0 using the vDS 7 and your content helped me A LOT!

  4. HELLO,

    Im Taara candidate from vmware–restarter to my career.I have taken nsx -t as my level 3 subject. As im doing my ICM of NSX-T…I need more exposure for trouble shooting .So need urhelp ..Any links ,youtube videos,any content to know more for trouble shooting questions…Its tough and challenging to clear my exam…

    plz help me out Varun
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Rashmi/Tara,
      I know starting a new product/technology could be daunting at first. However, if you go through each steps (including the links embedded within) you would have good understanding in the end.
      Good luck!

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