Migrate ESXi from vSS to vDS v7.0 – Fails: ThrowableProxy.cause

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unable to Migrate ESXi Host(s) from vSphere Standard Switch (vSS) to vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). Environment – ESXi v7.0, vCenter v7.0, vDS v7.0. ESXi Host(s) either loose connectivity or the network changes are rolled back when trying to migrate from vSS to vDS. The vSS has two active vmnics (pNICs) and the migration to vDS fails, even with a single vmnic migration…

NSX-T Installation Series: Step 0 – High Level Design

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before any product deployment, it is common practice to document an architecture design and most enterprises follow some sort of framework e.g. TOGAF that helps organize concepts, knowledge and understanding. Therefore, I thought it would be ideal to compose “Step 0” of this ‘step-by-step’ Installation series, to help visualize the overall design and component placement…

NSX-T Management Cluster Deployment: Part 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Knowledge increases by sharing it… As discussed in one of my previous blog NSX-T Architecture (Revamped): Part 1, the release of NSX-T v2.4 brought simplicity, flexibility and scalability for the management plane. If you are not familiar with the architecture of the NSX-T, I would highly

NSX-T Management Cluster Deployment: Part 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes Knowledge increases by sharing it… As the title alludes, “NSX-T Management Cluster Deployment” is yet another topic split in two parts for easier understanding and context: NSX-T Management Cluster Deployment: Part 1 – discusses the general requirements which are common across the deployment options discussed in