Quick Tip: How to Identify the NSX-T Management Cluster Virtual IP leader node

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The NSX-T Installation series – Step 4, showed the step-by-step instructions to configure “NSX-T Management Cluster Virtual IP” (VIP), how it works and its failure handling. This blog is a quick tip follow-up, which talks about “how to” identify the NSX-T Management Cluster leader node i.e. the node that has the ownership of the VIP:

  1. Logon to any NSX-T Manager node with admin credentials:
  2. Run the below command to get the cluster status

get cluster status verbose


  • The UUID ending with f98 which is NSX-A-11.vsquare.lab is the leader for the Group Type “CONTROLLER”.
  • The UUID ending with 8ad which is again NSX-A-11.vsquare.lab is the leader for the Group Type “Manager” and “Policy”.

For any further troubleshooting, Reverse Proxy logs at /var/log/proxy/reverse-proxy.log and cluster manager logs at /var/log/cbm/cbm.log can be referred.

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