10k views milestone – Thank you and a few words on my blogging odyssey (so far)

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Back in the year 2015/6, I thought about starting my own blogsite. After having read countless insightful VMware blogs from many authors contributing to the vCommunity – getting motivated and pumped up was one thing but finding the time to instigate was another. At the time, I chose to spend any/all of my spare time, with my wife and our newly born child – lovely memories we’ve had of our son’s first two years (not that he has grown up already 😊) but it was until the last quarter of 2018, when eventually I registered shuttleTITAN.com.

I wrote my first blog on 21st November 2018 and here I am, less than a couple of years later – one of my blogs crossing 10K views and a few more in the pipeline to reach the same milestone.

I have had my fair bits of pits and falls i.e. not having enough time, due to distant travelling (for work mostly) or taking beaks for studying or family time. However, my aim has always been to focus on quality content i.e. the information behind the context is clear, to the point, providing sufficient background information to cover almost all aspects of the topic in question.

Home Lab Setup – Nested ESXi Host’s networking for NSX-T being the first blog crossing the 10k milestone, shows the acknowledgement of my evening and weekend efforts being paid off. The NSX-T Installation Series is the big contributor (so far) which has been profoundly recognized and appreciated. Earlier this year, I witnessed about ‘half a million’ hits on shuttleTITAN.com in a month – which is not a big number compare to the many regular bloggers but considering the niche NSX mindset aspirants, it was a joy for me to see the stats at the time. 

I did not anticipate my blogsite to be in any of the “Top XX blogsites” so soon, but then I was honoured and thrilled to see shuttleTITAN.com to be in the “Top 25 Virtualization Blogs” on 5th February 2019. As of 3rd, January 2021 it’s now ranked 14th in “Top 40 Virtualization Blogs” on feedspot. It’s always good to see yourself ranked higher but it does not affect my passion in virtualization (VMware) to grow.

I am a firm believer of sharing knowledge, and hence you would find the header/footer on every blog I post i.e. “Knowledge increases by sharing it”.

Thank you all for making this milestone achievable 😊, I am glad and will continue to contribute to the vCommunity as much as I can… stay tuned 😉

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